International Management Training
Training, Coaching  & Assessment - Worldwide



-      designing and implementing premium-quality trainings /

       coachings / assessments (methodologically and content-wise)

-      while taking into consideration your corporate culture, philosophy and values

-      and tailoring them to different cultures, languages and country-specific

       conditions of the participants of various countries

20 years of experience as a trainer and coach in a great variety of industries and countries


Continual education and training (methodologically and content wise) in many different countries


Constant improvement and further development of the training concepts, methods and content


Learning about new topics and training styles through attending and assisting in seminars from various training agencies that Monika has been working with


Expansion of her services initiated by requests from companies (e.g. a long-standing customer asks her to do a training on a new, related subject): therefore she will develop her skills in an additional area which will in turn enhance her portfolio


Through feedback from participants and clients that she gladly accepts and uses to develop her concepts


Further development through supervision and exchange with colleagues whose feedback, input and experiences help enrich her trainings