International Management Training
Training, Coaching  & Assessment - Worldwide

Education and Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany

Training in the United States in the field of Personality Profiling and Team Development

IG (International Graduate of the JCI International Training University for Europe, North- and South-America and Asia)

Coach’s, Facilitator’s and Trainer's Training (Team Schuster Consulting)

ANIMA Formation des Formateurs Francophones (Train the Trainer for French-speaking trainers, JCE de Nantes, France)

Certified Trainer and Coach in the Speciality Metaprofilanalyse® Professional (Institut Synergie)

Training in Personal Leadership & Presentation Effectiveness (Dale Carnegie)

JCI Head Trainer Training (EUKO Maastricht, the Netherlands)

Training in the Integral Methodology: including self-management, success strategies, problem solving and work efficiency (Ganzheitliche Methodik e.V.)

Training in Sociometry for Team Development and Coaching (IfP)

STRUCTOGRAM® Certification (China Consulting)

Training in Brand Image and PR (IH Training)

Inscenario® Method Certification (KönigsCoaching)

Sales-Trainer’s Training (VBC)

Accredited Examiner for HR Certifications (HZA)

Certification in Leadership Training with Horses (Teaching-Horses Managementtraining)


Training in the area of Premium Couture (HUGO BOSS University)


Certified Intercultural Trainer (BSem)


Training in International Project-Management (WJM Campus)


Training in the Leadership Academy (WJ Baden-Württemberg)


Certification for the Realization of Business Simulation Games ( GmbH)


Training in Group Dynamics and Leadership (Instinct for Future Knowledge: Michael Grinder)


Training in Psychology of Communication in Theory and Practice (Schulz von Thun – Institut für Kommunikation)


Training in Storytelling (WJM)


Certification in Cross Innovation (KreaKaan)


Further education in Systemic Visualization (SIETAR)


Training in How to work efficiently with Seminar Actors in Training and Coaching (Institut Synergie)


Certification in Mediation (NMCI)


Coach’s and Trainer's Training in Resource Oriented Leadership (Godat Coaching)


Further education in Psychology and Pedagogy (iPED, Brazil)


Training in Lean Office: including KAIZEN, Advanced Office Management, Managing Electronic Information, Office Productivity Excellence, Effective Filing and Task Management (ASB)


Certification in iTYPE Professinal Profiling (iType)


Certified DiSC® Trainer (GEDAM Management Tools)